Golf Cart Seat Covers Slight Curve Top CC-EZ

Transform and protect your golf cart with Cart-Logic seat covers. Beautiful, customizable and comfortably soft, your seats will add warmth in the winter and be cooling in the summer instead of hot and sticky. We offer many colors and patterns suitable for every taste. Cart-Logic seat covers are easy to put on and take off for a clean and stylish cart wherever you go.

Embroidered seat covers make a very special gift for your favorite golfer. Add your own initials or logo for making professional contacts or just for fun on the course.

Fits most E-Z-Go® carts.
Slips easily over back cushion. Universal bottom seat cover* is secured easily with two Velcro straps under bottom cushion. Also features a convenient front pocket with Velcro closure. Includes handy rip-stop nylon, draw string bag for storage when seat covers are  not in use.


*Please note that bottom seat cover cannot be secured with Velcro straps underneath rear facing, flip down bottom seats with closed hinges.



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